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Welcome to GettingToGradSchool.com!


Getting to Grad School is dedicated to helping all potential graduate students prepare for life changing decisions.  This site will better your understanding of the vital tasks necessary to attend graduate school.  A few of these tasks include: preparing for the appropriate exam (i.e. GMAT LSAT), properly requesting letters of recommendation, when and how to send out applications, selecting a program, how many and which schools you should apply, how to pay for it, and much more!!

We have all been through graduate school, have taken the LSAT and GMAT, and we know how to effectively apply to schools to improve the chances of acceptance.  GettingToGradSchool.com is here to act as an avenue where information where you will receive tips to increase your chances for Graduate School success.  The discussion boards are a powerful tool where people in similar situations can get together and share their experiences.

Our vision is to create a website which will allow you to access everything you need to in order to fully prepare for the application process and succeed in the entry exams (i.e. GMAT, LSAT).  If there is something you believe this site is lacking, we would love to hear from you.  Please e-mail us at support@gettingtogradschool.com.com.





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